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Move out/in Cleaning

Moving to a new place is an extraordinary event to happen to the most of us. But the cleaning towards the new house is a responsibility that can be stressful. You might be busy with finding the time to clean the new house and moving items in at the same time. However with Smart Cleaning, we can take care of that dilemma. We do a deep clean for old and new house. Our cleanings include bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms etc. Please take care of your new house by letting Smart Cleaning prepare for you to live in.

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Living areas and bedrooms

Removed cobwebs.
Clean win
dows inside only- Outside optional.

Wash baseboards, doors, window sills.

Detailed clean light fixtures, ceiling  fans.

Vacum air vents.

Clean inside closets and shelfs.
Vacuum carpets or wood floors.

Detailed mop floors.


Remove cobwebs.
Wiped cabinets inside and out.
Wipe top, inside and front of fridge.
Wipe front of dishwasher, and side of door.
Wash counter, wash back splash.

Clean stove top and front.

Clean inside oven.
Vacuum floors and mop floors.


Removed cowebs.
Clean light fixtures.
Wash all tile walls, shower doors, door tracks. 
Wash toilet.
Clean mirror.
Clean cabinets inside and out.
Wipe all baseboards, doors and wash floors.

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